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Ride, Handling and Steering Subjective Evaluation
Spring, Damper, Stabilizer Bar and Bushing Development
Dry, Wet and Snow Limit Handling Evaluations
Development Program Management
Tire Development
Aerodynamic Development
Thermal Development
Ride and Drive Suitability Tests
Competitor Evaluation
Design Reviews
THILENIUS GROUP has over 30 years experience in the automotive industry.
2010 - 2022  Providing THILENIUS GROUP clients with a wide range of evaluation and development services

2008 - 2015  Hyundai - Kia America Technical Center Senior Ride and Handling Development Engineer
2000 - 2007  General Motors Ride and Handling Development Engineer
1995 - 2000  Toyota Technical Center Ride and Handling Development Engineer
1993 - 1995  Toyota Motor Sales Chassis Product Engineer
1992 - 1993  General Motors Body-in-White Manufacturing Engineer
1990 - 1992  General Motors Alignment and Tire / Wheel Systems Quality Engineer
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